Planting Mad

It is not easy to find the time to write when there is so much to do in the garden. There are seedlings to pot on, plants to plant out, weeds to keep under control, more seeds to sow and of course everything needs watering. Getting the balance right can be tricky at this most […]

Sally’s Garden in bloom!

No garden is complete without a rose! This “Hybrid Tea” fragrant rose has a gorgeous scent. Rose petals are edible and can be easily crystallised for cake decoration by painting with egg-white and dusting with icing sugar. A stunning orange Calendula — these edible flowers have many herbal and medicinal properties.  A bed of sunshine… marigolds (Calendula […]

Slugs & other Bugs

Don’t get me wrong. I still detest slugs and have spent many an hour in the fight to protect my plants. But the last few months have seen untold damage in the garden from ‘leatherjackets’: the larvae of crane flies or daddy-long-legs. These unassuming little creatures can devastate tender seedlings. They are difficult to detect, and […]

Bountiful Harvest

Every year as we head into August the evenings get shorter and there is a nip in the air. I get a dreaded feeling of the unavoidable seasonal change: a stubborn refusal to let go of warm summer days and the long bright evenings. The bountiful harvest from the garden is a worthy consolation prize for the darkening days and […]