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Mahers Roasters Speciality Coffee
Brazilian Yellow Bourbon

From the Cerrado eco-region in Brazil at an altitude of 950 – 1200m, 

this medium roast coffee offers aromas of pecan nut and red apple. 

Americano €3.5, Latte/Cappuccino €4, Espresso €3, Moccha €4 

Swiss Water® Decaffeinated 

100% chemical free processed Columbian coffee, only uses water, temperature and time to gently remove caffeine. €5 

Loose Tea Leaves
Darjeeling First Flush

The Champagne of teas, a first Flush Darjeeling blend from the Himalyan region. Flowery scent that is bright and distinct.€4 


A calming and delicate infusion of Camomile Flowers. €3.5 

Barry’s Gold Blend 

Sourced from the finest gardens of Rwanda, Kenya and the Assam Valley of India, Gold blend is known to be Cork’s people favourite tea. €3 

Walled Garden Peppermint & Lemon Verbena 

Freshly picked leaves, naturally caffeine-free, this infusion of fresh mentha piperita and lemon verbena is refreshing and cooling. €5 

Organic Earl Grey 

The English classic with natural bergamot oils on a fine blend of digestible organic black teas. €4 

Grape & Lemon Green Sencha 

Premium Sencha green tea with citrus peels, rhubarb pieces & grapes. Delicate sunflower blossom flavour with crisp lemon notes. €3.5 


Green tea with fresh Jasmine blossoms. Subtly sweet, floral & highly fragrant. €4 


Orange and cinnamon rooibos tea. Naturally caffeine free, rich in vitamin C, mineral salts and antioxidants. €3.5 

Green Sencha 

Irregular green tea with a fine bitter taste and a light-yellow cup. €3.5