Dinner Menu

Served Daily | 6pm – 9pm

Small Plates
West Cork Beef

Tartare, potato pave, imperial caviar, dill emulsion. €22 (GF)

West Coast of Ireland’s Scallops

Lightly cured, buttermilk, kombu dressing, chervil oil, coral tuile. €14 (ask for GF)

Walled Garden Offerings

Walled garden lettuces and flowers, pickled barley, candied hazelnuts, crozier blue, pumkpin. €11 (GF)

Skeaghanore Duck

Whipped livers, warm brioche, sweet wine jelly, fermented apple. €14

West Cork Mushrooms

Cep, pleurote and chanterelles consommé. €12 (GF)

Large Plates
West Cork Fillet of Beef

Parsnip, confit potato, jus. €34

West Cork Mushrooms

Ricotta ravioli, fresh herbs, beurre rouge. €22

Wild Atlantic Sole on the Bone

Celeriac, charred scallions, brussel sprouts, brown butter. €28 (GF)

Wild Irish Venison

Walled garden Jerusalem artichoke, juniper sauce, hazelnut cracker. €30 (Ask for GF)


Smoked mussels, shellfish cream, leek oil, gnocchi. €24

Walled Garden Turnip

Salt baked, Madras, Sauternes raisins. €22 (GF)