Junior Guests Menu

Egg & Soldiers

West Cork free range soft egg, toasted sourdough, local butter. €6 (Ask for GF)

Walled Garden Vegetables Crudités

Crème fraiche. €6 (GF)

Soup of the Moment

Sourdough bread. €6 (Ask for GF)

8oz West Cork Beef Burger Cooked Over Charcoal

Gubbeen cheese, brioche bun, chunky chips. €15 (Ask for GF)

Real West Cork Chicken Goujons

Home cut chips, garden vegetables. €10

Pan Seared Fillet of Union Hall Cod

Roasted baby potatoes, garden vegetables. €10 (GF)

Young Broccoli & Fusilli Pasta

Free range pork sausage, parmesan shavings. €10


Organic peanut butter, whole wheat bread, sliced bananas, raspberry jam. €6

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich

Chocolate sauce, Glenown vanilla bean ice cream. €6

Fruits & Walled Garden Berries (When in season)

Clonakilty natural yogurt, granola. €6 (GF)

Banana & Caramel Puffed Swirl (Allow 15 mins)

Salted caramel sauce, Glenown vanilla ice cream. €6

Freshly squeezed orange juice. €4

Local dairy milk. €2