Sally’s Garden in bloom!

No garden is complete without a rose! This “Hybrid Tea” fragrant rose has a gorgeous scent. Rose petals are edible and can be easily crystallised for cake decoration by painting with egg-white and dusting with icing sugar.

A stunning orange Calendula — these edible flowers have many herbal and medicinal properties.

 A bed of sunshine… marigolds (Calendula sp.) brighten up the raspberry bed.

 Vibrant Cornflowers (Centaurea cynaus) add splashes of colour. The flowers, also known as Bachelor’s Buttons are edible, and can be used as a colourful garnish for salads, although they can taste a little bitter.

The elder-flower looked resplendent in mid June, flooding the garden with its evocative scent. Great for making elder-flower cordial and elder-flower bubbly!

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