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Lake Lodge

Your private getaway 



Lake Lodge

At Liss Ard, we hope that when you stay with us, you take advantage of the grounds on the estate.  There are countless paths and trails throughout the estate to enjoy the natural beauty.  You’ll find numerous benches for quiet contemplation or conversation with someone. The Celtic Meeting Place, Talking Stones, Water Gardens are some of the more special destinations at Liss Ard.  Make sure to see the Irish Sky Garden during the day and at night.



Conveniently situated within easy driving distance of Cork International Airport, Liss Ard Estate offers an all-encompassing destination for corporate meetings and small business gatherings. Business parties can include corporate entertaining, brainstorming sessions or small conferences, while our secluded settings makes an ideal and secure base 

for small groups of executives who wish to plan their corporate strategy 

in private.


Private Club

Have a car, plane, fishing or sports club or just want to get away with

some friends…

old picture of Liss Ard main house



What better to celebrate such an important day. Liss Ard

at its 163 acres is the perfect location to enjoy a birthday and 

make lasting memories with your loved ones.


Let us plan your next birthday 


Baby Showers

Celebrate the imminent arrival of a new baby with a bespoke baby shower at Liss Ard. Organise a special day out for an expecting wife, sister or friend and treat Mum-to-be to a stylish, relaxing celebration in advance of motherhood. Long, lazy afternoons are the ideal time to host a dedicated baby shower and we would be delighted assist you create a baby shower that keeps Mum-to-be smiling for the day!


Team Building 

Our Team Building & Fun Group Days are specially designed to provide memorable experiences with enjoyable dining as part of your team building occasion. Whether you choose to enjoy an activity within our 163 acres of grounds or go off-site into the beautiful surrounding countryside we can arrange a myriad of fun activities to suit your requirements.


Yoga Retreats

Our retreats are small, usually 8-12 participants and the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, one in which we can explore and deepen our experience of yoga, rather than strive or compete. The unique setting, with nature so close at hand supports this developing awareness of our connection to our bodies, our breath, to the earth.


Michelle Hardwick

The Wonder of the Soul weekend retreat experiences are residential, all-inclusive weekends usually held every 3-4 months in the peaceful, quiet, and positively energized locations in Ireland. 


Each weekend is a journey of awakening and spiritual evolution designed for personal empowerment and healing. No prior training is required, just a keen interest in self-development, growth and a desire to expand your awareness about life, yourself and others..

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